about us

It is said that the connection between luna and crazy comes from the belief that the moon and its phases are connected to madness. True to our name, Vita Luna was established in 2015 in a moment of madness and over the years has evolved into who we are today.

We’re linguistic specialists in everything from audio to text, content creation, translation, and proofreading.

Yes, we’re those people… the Grammar Nazis. Your audience loves us.

Our experienced team edits, translates, and captions audio, video, and multimedia content, offering high-quality services. Our flexible approach to your content means we effectively provide a specialised service for companies wanting to turn their audio into text.

Our services are required mainly by media companies who need their visual content in multiple languages.

This enables your content to reach a broader market in diverse regions with a different language base.

Our multiculturalism approach, combined with our linguistic skills, creates opportunities for companies wanting to promote their business and reach a wider audience.

Our dedicated project management team will oversee your production from start to finish, ensuring a clear timeline according to agreed deliverables.

Life is crazy. And busy. And demanding.

Contact us to bring harmony to your chaos.
cobus benade

cobus benade

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michele ferreira