vita luna [ vi(ta) + (l)una ]

linguistic services

Is your video content hitting your target market? Studies show that 65% of the global population consume information visually. Therefore, the significance of visual communication cannot be ignored.

Are you doing your brand justice? Bad grammar and spelling can destroy your marketing efforts as well as your reputation.

Vita Luna offers quality linguistic services to help you communicate flawlessly and resonate with your audience. Creating visual linguistic content that reaches your target market seamlessly is what we do.

We specialise in subtitling, closed captioning, translation, transcription, and proofreading services for the broadcast and corporate industries, so your content will be enhanced, understood, and consumed by a wider audience.

Adding subtitles and captions to your visual content, such as videos, movies, and presentations, helps you to reach out to more people worldwide who would not otherwise be able to enjoy your content because of linguistic barriers or hearing impairment.

Visual media featuring subtitled translation has a stronger likelihood of becoming viral. Professional subtitling is an unbelievably efficient marketing tool for any business.

Why you should care


Attention to detail:

People who care about their writing demonstrate credibility, professionalism, and accuracy in their work.

Critical thinking:

Knowing how to structure a grammatically correct sentence is a sign that you can analyse and explain complex problems.



  • Discovery Digital Networks ran an experiment and found that captioned videos had over 7% more views on average.
  • A recent study saw a 40 percent increase in views of captioned videos versus uncaptioned. That same study found viewers were 80 percent more likely to watch a video until the end when closed captions were available.
  • Multiple studies have shown 85% of Facebook are watched on mute.
  • 41% of videos are incomprehensible without sound or captions
  • Captions increase view time for Facebook videos by 12%
  • 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch for at least ten seconds, so capturing attention at the start is key

Why us?



Our team has extensive strategy, communication, industry experience, and qualifications.
All these elements are creatively intertwined to develop a bespoke strategy for each client.



Each client is different, and so is each project. Therefore, we develop a tailor-made strategy per project with our clients to ensure deliverables, requirements and standards are not only met, but exceeded.



Flexibility to adapt to industry requirements, standards, supplier expectations, deadlines…
Because let’s face it, life happens.